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Want to become a manifesting powerhouse in your mindset, emotions and finances? Make 2022 about YOU!

Fierce = Fulfilled, Inspired, Enthusiastic, Resilient, Courageous, Exceptional!
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  • Are you a 40+ Divorcee who is not living your full potential?

  • Do you want to consistently show up powerfully in your personal and professional life and have colossal impact in the lives you encounter?

  • Do you want to be Fierce, Powerful and Undeniable but don't know how?

  • Do you feel emotionally paralyzed and unable to move forward?

  • Do you have fear, anger, resentment or unforgiveness as a result of your divorce?

  • Does the question"what did I do wrong" continuously replay in your mind?

  • Do you have guilt or shame about the failure of your marriage?

  • Has your confidence and self esteem been affected by your divorce?

I'm a certified professional Life Coach who has been there and done that in my own life so I feel you!


Emotional Wellness
Are you unsure about how to progress in this chapter of your life? Do you need help with determining your next "right" moves and behaviors? Are you a busy woman who is feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed? Have you lost your confidence and motivation?

Who is Coach Angela? Bouncing Back after a divorce can be scary especially with children.  Additionally, people don't talk much about what happens after a divorce.  What about the guilt, shame, condemnation and feelings of failure after a divorce or long term relationship?  The uncoupling, meeting new people, moving on and the infamous "now  what" question can be extremely overwhelming.  Mindful Manifestion's Visioneer Coach Angela walked this path for more than a decade as a Divorcee and a single parent.  She is known for her strength, tenacity and determination to overcome challenges and adversity while remaining loving, powerful and fierce.  She is enthusiastic with a welcoming style that both motivates and develops.


Angela specializes in working with women who are now in this space and are ready to move forward in life successfully and powerfully emotionally and financially. 

Apply for an opportunity to partner with a certified life coach who has successfully "been there and done that".

Thought Based Transformation Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Coaching is not counseling nor therapy. We are working from the assumption that you are a healthy, stable individual and you just need help getting past an obstacle, or out of a rut or you just need to rediscover your voice or enhance a skill. From me, there is no judgement, no condemnation, and I have seen or heard of just about every hurdle over the last few years of coaching. At every step along the way, my goal will be to support your effort and offer customized strategic planning and guidance to help you have the best chance to succeed and grow into the thriving, empowered life you desire.

STOP living life by default and create the life you desire!

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Financial Solutions Coaching

  • Learn the powerful secrets and strategies of the wealthy to eliminate debt and build wealth.

  • Credit repair and restorations services.

  • Debt analysis and rapid debt reduction program.

  • One-on-one Financial Coaching via phone/zoom.

Emotional Wellness Coaching

  • Create powerful habits to manifest goals and desires effortlessly.

  • Connect with your authentic self

  • Develop and cultivate a self-loving relationship

  • Set and achieve sustainable goals

  • Recognize and seize opportunities to learn and grow

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Fear to F.I.E.R.C.E Women's After Divorce Wellness Coaching

  • Align behavior and laser focus for massive results.

  • Rediscover YOUR voice

  • Release Soul-Ties and walk in power

  • Remove situational paralysis

  • Re-ignite your passions and goals

View of Meditation Garden

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain


Atlanta, GA (USA)

(833)-367-6978 or (833)EMPOWRU


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